Federal Programs

Mandax, Inc

Mandax has the expertise and resources necessary to conduct OMB Circular A-76 reviews as required by Federal regulations.  In addition, we can deliver comprehensive OMB Circular A-123, A-127, A-130 and A-133 reviews including complete system analysis.

Mandax also can review and assess your agency's annual financial statements to ensure compliance with OMB Bulletin 01-09, the form and content of your annual financial statements.  

Mandax, Inc has the experience, expertise and resources to meet all Federal Financial and Operations Management Requirements.

Mandax, Inc personnel have experience in conducting Federal financial system audits and assessments using the GAO Federal Information System Control Audit Manual (FISCAM).  We can perform the information system audit or review, identify and assess the severity of  any deficiencies and then recommend and implement corrective actions.  The proper implementation of corrective actions will lead to the removal of any reportable conditions or material  weaknesses from your agency's audited financial statements. 

Federal Information Systems Reviews and Assessments

OMB Circulars and Bulletins

Mandax, Inc can also help your organization with the Government Information System Reform Act (GISRA).  Mandax can assess your agency's systems against GISRA requirements and recommend and implement corrective action.